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GolfIN Team

Mar 10, 2024

GolfIN Team stands for Golf Innovation, Golf Insight, and Golf Integrity while creating teamwork between coaches and golfers. Based on innovation through advanced technologies, insight through consistent research, and integrity through professionalism, GolfIN Team offers "the most efficient and effective way to improve your golf."

We work with all-level&all-age golfers who pursue both performance and the fun factor of golf and offer golf lessons and classes for those from Temecula, Murrieta, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Hemet, Fallbrook, Lake Elsinore, and so on.


Your putting skill could be a huge game-changer.  Learn highly structured putting techniques and upgrade your everyday game!  This course is based on the Putt Doctor theory by Dr. Craig Farnsworth, a former coach of Hedeki Masuyama and Sr. Nick Faldo.  All sessions take place at Journey at Pechanga/Temecula Creek Inn with a certified Putt Doctor instructor. 

Session 1: Set-up & Alignment - 60 minutes

Session 2: Stroke Mechanics - 60 minutes

Session 3: Speed Control - 60 minutes

$338 for all three sessions  


Knowing your club distances can upgrade your game of golf to the next level, and measuring the exact yardage of every club in your bag is what technology can do.  Let our TrackMan work on it for you. You will get the most reliable club distance data.  Plus, PGA Class A coaches will provide you with an orientation before the session.  Measure your club distances whenever you find a performance change or purchase a new set of clubs.  This program is not instructional; coaches will not disturb you while using TrackMan privately unless you have questions.

$75 for 45-min. TrackMan use


Your golf games have gotten worse lately, but not sure why.  No worries!  Our TrackMan Quick-fix program diagnoses your swing issue, and PGA Professional coaches fix the problem.   Also, a TrackMan report with video analysis enables you to review your lesson anytime to keep working on the problem.  Fixing one problem can make a big difference in your game of golf! 

$95 for a 45-minute quick-fix lesson


With the TrackMan simulator, you can now enjoy global golf leagues with thousands of worldwide players from where you live, organized by TrackMan Virtual League.  GolfIN Team also offers a monthly TrackMan League at the world's best courses, like Pebble Beach and St. Andrew Links Old Course.  Check out what is happening this month!   

$75 per player for two hours with two players

One-player option is available. 

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