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Coach Brandon

Coach Brandon 

PGA Director of Instruction


Coach Brandon came to Temecula from Seoul, South Korea, in 2011, dreaming of being a professional golf coach. Since then, he has taken many steps to become qualified and has taught local junior and adult golfers.  As of March 2020, he taught 80 regular juniors every weekend at Journey, with over 100 on the waitlist.  He also invested in and opened the first TrackMan indoor golf performance center in the center of Temecula in 2018 to offer technology-based swing analysis and a weather-independent learning environment from the extreme weather in Temecula. 


However, while working hard and studying hard, he was diagnosed with Cerebellar Ataxia in 2021, which caused him mainly an imbalance in walking, double vision, and other health problems.  He thought he could avoid Cerebellar Ataxia, which can be found easily in his family, because he had pursued a healthy eating habit and daily life for a long time.  There is no treatment for this disease yet, but it gets worse and worse every day.  All he can do for now is to keep healthy eating habits, exercise, and work with local golfers to slow down symptoms.  He is still experiencing an emotionally challenging time to accept his reality and move on.  Families working with him for a long time could have noticed many changes in his body and personality.  He looks different and walks differently compared to before 2020.  As a result, he had to reduce teaching hours gradually.  


Nevertheless, he is willing to help local amateur golfers become better golfers with his passion, experience, and knowledge. He is thankful for the families who chose him for their golf journey and is happy to watch little juniors grow into great golfers.  He is the father of two daughters, and Temecula is like his second hometown. He also loves classical music, playing piano, carom billiards, and gardening. 

Golf Teaching Career

February 1995 - April 2011

August 2012 - January 2018

March 2018 - Present

Graduated high school in Seoul, South Korea

Military Service in South Korea

Bachelor's Degree in Statistics and Business from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea

Worked at Samsung in Seoul, South Korea, for eight years

Professional Golfers Career College(PGCC) graduate

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf&Junior Coach

The Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor

Randy Chang Junior Golf School Assistant Coach

RCJGS Head Coach at Journey and Temecula Creek Inn

Master’s Degree in Sports Management

U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach

PGA Class A Member elected

Player Development Award by SCPGA Inland Empire

PGA Director of Instruction at GolfIN Team

Youth Development Award by SCPGA Inland Empire

Putt Doctor Certified Coach

TrackMan Certified Level 2

Teaching local amateur golfers since 2012

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