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Putting Master Course

Nov 17, 2023

Serious golfers! We know you are working so hard on swings. But have you thought about how much you could lower your game scores when learning key putting techniques? Check out our Putting Master Course by a Putt Doctor certified coach! It will be a game-changer in your golf journey!

Putting Master Course(PMC) consists of 3 sessions, and each session takes 60 minutes. Once you finish this 3-hour course, we believe you will play your game on another level. PMC is based on the Putt Doctor theory by Dr. Craig Farsworth, and Coach Brandon is now a certified Putt Doctor instructor in Temecula. This course takes place at Journey at Pechanga which has a top-class short-game facility in town. 


Set-up&Alignment - See straight as straight, 60 minutes

  1. Set-up

    1. Dominant eye

    2. Posture check

    3. 5 single-axis points

    4. Hip bend

    5. Forearms and shoulders

    6. Stance width, ball position, and distance from the ball

  2. Alignment

    1. Mirror and yardsticks

    2. Alignment sticks

    3. T-square

    4. Aim aid

    5. Find the position that players can see straight as straight


Stroke mechanics - Get the ball on line consistently, 60 minutes

  1. Set-up review

  2. Point test

  3. Practice

    1. Mirror + Aim Aid

    2. Putting precision mat + Aim Aid

    3. Putting precision mat + Mirror

    4. Yardsticks + Aim Aid

    5. Checker ball

    6. Putting Stick

    7. Alignment rod drill

    8. Reverse preacher drill + Dumbbell Drill


Speed control - Build a consistent tempo, 60 minutes

  1. Set-up review

  2. Point test

  3. Practice

    1. Different distances uphill/downhill

    2. Putt master/ball on the wrist

    3. Blast Motion

    4. Routine

    5. Real-time visualization

    6. 1-2-3-4-5-6 (target-ball-target-ball-back-through)

    7. Stroke length

    8. Aim Aid

    9. Yardstick

    10. Backfoot inside/middle/outside


A total of $338 for 3 sessions and $125 for each session - Players must take each session in order.

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