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Powerful TrackMan Radar Technology


Apr 10, 2024

Why only Trackman radar technology gives you the full picture

Throughout history, precision and reliability have been the cornerstones of human progress. In the late 19th century, a groundbreaking discovery emerged: radar, which uses radio waves to detect the location and movement of objects. Since then, radar has become the go-to technology in industries where accuracy is paramount.

From military operations to medical advancements, radar continues to push boundaries and uncover new possibilities. Even tech giants like Tesla and Google have recognized the potential of radar technology, harnessing its power to develop self-driving cars and virtual gesture tools. Yet, in the realm of golf, radar technology is still in its infancy, waiting to be fully explored.

Capable and precise

Enter Trackman — a true game-changer in the world of golf. Founded with a vision to measure the complete trajectory of a golf shot, Trackman discovered that radar technology was not only perfectly suited for the task, but it also offered a wealth of additional capabilities. Its extreme reliability, precision and flexibility set it apart.

Radar technology boasts superior performance capabilities in any weather conditions, day or night. With its waves being a million times longer than light waves, radar can accurately measure activities over vast distances. Trackman's range of products can track shots up to 400 yards, earning the trust of top performers in golf, baseball, tennis and even the Olympian disciplines of hammer throw and shot put.

Practical and powerful

What truly sets Trackman apart is its ability to capture and provide a wealth of quality data. Traditional optical-based golf launch monitors can only capture useful data for a fraction of a second, while Trackman's Dual Radar technology captures data for the entire ball flight, typically lasting about six seconds. With a sample rate of 40,000 samples per second per receiver, Trackman's data collection surpasses the capabilities of optical systems by a large margin.

Imagine the complexity and cost of replicating Trackman's capabilities with an optical system. Countless cameras would be required to accurately track the full ball flight, making it impractical and exceptionally costly. In contrast, a single radar system measures not only the entire ball flight but also crucial factors like the club's movement, impact, launch angle, and spin rate. With billions of captured samples, Trackman ensures the most precise delivery of data possible.

Robust and reliable

Radar technology's robustness and reliability make it a top choice for Trackman. Unlike other technologies, modern radar systems have no mechanical parts or critical alignments that require frequent replacements. This results in a significantly longer life expectancy, which helps explain why Trackman 4 units released in 2016 are still in regular use, without any degradation in performance.

Moreover, radar technology is not susceptible to external light sources. Its transmitter remains unaffected by rain, fog, snow or extreme lighting conditions, making it ideal for military tracking applications that demand unwavering accuracy and robustness.

More data on every shot

Trackman 4, the pinnacle of radar-based golf tracking, measures and displays the full trajectory of every shot in your bag. Whether it's a delicate six-foot pitch or a majestic 350-yard drive, Trackman pinpoints the landing position with remarkable accuracy. Its 3D trajectory mapping in real time, combined with comprehensive impact and launch information, paints a complete picture of each shot.

Analyzing the full chain of events in your swing, club delivery and ball flight is invaluable when diagnosing and improving your game. Trackman's measurements can be broken down into specific data points, including swing data, collision data, trajectory data, and bounce and roll data. With this detailed understanding, you can pinpoint cause and effect, unlocking the secrets to optimal performance.

No assumptions, please

Trackman's radar technology is unmatched when it comes to measuring the full ball flight. While other technologies rely on assumptions and modeling, Trackman tracks the ball from impact to its final landing position. Only with this complete measurement overview can a true understanding of your shots be achieved.

Optical launch monitors fall short in reproducing and explaining the physical landing point due to their limited data capture window and reliance on assumptions. They can't account for critical factors like aerodynamics and weather conditions.

Trackman, on the other hand, delivers real, measured numbers. That’s why hundreds of Tour professionals rely on our data, especially when preparing for tournaments where factors like wind and temperature must be considered. Equipment manufacturers also depend on Trackman data to develop cutting-edge golf equipment.

Simply put, Trackman's radar technology revolutionized the game of golf. It provides unparalleled precision, reliability and flexibility, allowing golfers to understand and improve

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